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    Let's get to know each other! I learn so much about my clients during their session, it's only fair that I share some secrets about myself as well. I have been photographing professionally since 2015; my passion lies in equines, weddings, and seniors. I spend my of my time behind my camera, or in front of my computer, but I do have a life outside of work! (Wow, no way!) 
    Away from the camera I am an active equestrian. I own one horse who is spoiled rotten, and a curly headed pup. There is a good chance that I'm at the barn if I'm not at home. I can sit and read a book for hours... most of the time I don't leave my seat until the book is finished. Every now and then I will bring out a sketch pad to doodle. I try to stay away from Netflix because I get caught up and will not move for days. Exploring nature is one of my favorite things to do--there's something about fresh air and no sound of civilization that's good for the soul. 
    I have big dreams, and I'm determined to reach them. I am a graduate of the University of Florida (c/o'17) where I received a bachelor of science in equine science and a minor in agribusiness marketing. I want to travel, learn, and soak in everything that I can. 
     That's me, now let's learn about you!

"Thanks to Shelly, I wake up every morning with my home filled with beautiful portraits. My heart overflows with joy!" - Marsha

"I am just so pleased with all of my experiences with her, and most importantly, I am grateful to have these pictures of my guys and me to cherish forever." ~ Paula

"Shelly made the sessions so much fun and enjoyable as she interacted with us like she has known us for a long time, and she had only just met us!" ~ Brittney and Joshua

"I come to her with ideas, and she creates masterpieces!" ~ April


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