The Photographer

Photography has always been about more than “photos” to me. Originally photography was a funny hobby. My horses were my main subjects and I loved to sit in the field with them photographing them during the golden hour. Shortly into my photography obsession my first horse, Cody, had to be put down.. I also lost a laptop full of my precious photos around the same time. Looking back at the opportunity I missed to have photos of my sweet boy, photography began to mean so much more. Today I cherish printed photos, albums, any physical form of art that I can enjoy my photos with. It’s more than a photo, it’s a memory that I don’t want to forget. Photos remind us of parts of our lives and keep memories alive and blossoming.

A few years into my photography business journey I realized that photography is more than just memories. I help my clients to gain confidence, pride, and create an experience that they love. My goal during each session is to make my clients so comfortable that they feel like they’re posing themselves. I keep it real with you, I will likely say awkward things to make you laugh, and I will do all of the poses with you so you don’t feel alone. By the end of your session I promise you feel like a superstar. After your session I want you to feel pride when you look at your photos on your wall, or flip through your album. Yes, that’s YOU! Yes, you look AMAZING! And yes, we created that art together. I want your memories to be something you want to show off to your friends. I want your experience to be something that you’re glad you did. I want you to remember these times of your life and be proud of them.

Aside from photography I am your typical horse & dog crazy woman. I remember people by their horses, “Oh that’s the girl who rides Snickers in the hunters.” I say hello to dogs before their humans. And I’m completely shameless about it. I own one horse, Scarlett. She’s a “mutt” who I force to do hunter/jumpers, but would rather be a trail pony. Monica is my Goldendoodle, she’s sassy, spoiled, and the equivalent of a human child. I love coffee, my husband, Jesus, and my houseplants.