Michelle and Jeb

by Shelly Williams

April 7, 2021

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Horse Photography in Tallahassee

Michelle & Jeb

Horse photography in Tallahassee, FL at sunset. Western outfit ideas. Cowgirl photosession with gypsy vanner horse.

I have known Michelle for a few years. When we started planning our session to do horse photography in Tallahassee, I was stoked! Not only is Michelle one of the most stylish people I know, she is also undeniably western. Despite riding mostly English, Michelle’s clothing style makes you think of Texas and the Midwest. We rarely get styles like this in Florida! Some of her keys pieces included boots from Old Gringo and clothing from Corral. It was so much fun to photograph her. We spent the afternoon playing with different posing techniques and doing a LOT of movement. I would not be surprised if Michelle said that she got a little bit of a workout during our session! I love the way that the fringe flowed with the movement and how Michelle was not afraid to try anything… even if it meant acting a little silly!

We could not have had a better horse for this session. Jeb is a Gypsy Vanner gelding. He is stunning, but is also the best boy! Michelle does not own him, but one of the boarders at her barn graciously loaned him to us for the afternoon. Jeb did not take a wrong foot the entire day. He put up with our shenanigans and posed perfectly. Would you believe me if I said I did not have any assistant to get his attention? I think he really enjoyed being in front of the camera, he is such a model! I should also mention that not only did he stand perfectly for photos, he also stayed on the cross ties for an abnormal amount of time so he would not get dirty. No complaints from Jeb the Saint at all! I absolutely adored having him in front of my camera.

Gypsy Vanner horse photographer in North FL and South GA. Western outfit ideas. Cowgirl photosession with gypsy vanner horse. Old gringo boots Sunset photos with cowgirl in North FL. Western outfit ideas. Cowgirl photosession with gypsy vanner horse. Winter sunset session with horses in Florida.Western outfit ideas. Cowgirl photosession with gypsy vanner horse.

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