the process

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Within 2-3 weeks of your session we will have your art design meeting. This usually takes place over Zoom, but can be arranged to be in person. During this meeting we will view your photos for the first time, choose your favorites, and order artwork for your home.

designing your art


Senior sessions take place two hours before sunset. We will photograph until the sun goes down, or you’re hungry…whichever comes first! I like to keep my senior sessions very casual, so there will be a lot of talking, laughing, and walking (depending on location). Trust me, by the second outfit you will be having a blast!



Once you have booked your session we will schedule a phone call, or online meeting to plan your session. We will go over outfits, what you need to have on hand for your session, hair and makeup ideas, and get to know each other better. 




the SENIOR gallery

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wall art

Senior year is a big deal! Soon, a lot of changes will happen. Artwork is a way to freeze this moment in time, and to reminisce for years to come. Senior albums are a popular piece of art to tell your full senior year story. During your art design meeting we will go over your photos and decide which pieces of art will work best for you. All pieces of artwork are professionally designed, inspected, and created to be sure you have the best of the best proudly on display in your home–exactly what your senior deserves.



Can my pet be in my photos?

Yes! Pets are often part of the family and very important parts of our lives. I am an animal lover, so I love when people bring their pet to their session. If you choose to bring your pet, it is best to have a handler who can watch your pet while they're not being photographed. For equestrians, most seniors opt to have the barn for one of their locations so their horse can be included.