Horse and Rider Portraits

"I ride horses because I look at my horse and I see my hopes and dreams. I see my happiness. I see my success. I see my pride and my soul. I look in a mirror and I see a person. I look at my horse and I see myself."

As a fellow equestrian I understand the bond between a horse and rider. It's something that can't be broken... no matter how many times you might eat dirt. That horse isn't "just a horse", he's your bestfriend, he's the one who is always there. He puts up with you, even when you don't deserve to be put up with. Once you have your heart horse, no other compares. A bond between horse and rider is so special it deserves to captured, and I'm here to be sure to catch all of the laughs, all of the sweet smiles, and maybe even the "did you really just do that" face that you both give each other. 

Let's create the perfect memory for you and your heart horse, one that you will keep and cherish for forever.

Equine Fine Art

Under Saddle & Liberty

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