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If you've been following me for awhile, then you've seen a lot of these two. Beth is one of my best friends, so naturally I make her get in front of my camera any time I want to practice. Her horse, Diesel, is also no stranger to the game. He's come a long way since he's had practice a few handful of times, though we will never let him live down the time he reared while Beth was bareback in a big poofy dress. I guess we couldn't blame him! Anyways, this is by far my favorite session of them both. We had a photographer shoot-out for this session; we had five four photographers all pointing at him... and we still couldn't get his ears up! Silly horses!

Beth and Diesel

I went to college with Caren and have seen first hand how great of a rider she is. I know her work experience and know that she has worked with countless horses, so when she told me about Tiz I knew he was special. When you ride as many horses as Caren does, they have to be really awesome to become a favorite. Tiz is a beautiful off-track Thoroughbred, though I was pretty convinced he was a Warmblood. He was full of energy (thanks to his pasture buds), so we took a good amount of time to keep him comfortable in between portrait locations. Looking at the photos, I wouldn't have guessed that he was anything short of pleasant to work with. That's the joy of horses, they make us believers and the manage to always surprise us!
Barn: Lane's Mark Farm

Caren and Tiz

I went to college with Matt and have even had the opportunity to watch him train a two-year-old. After seeing Matt with his two-year-old western pleasure horse, I suspected that his personal horse probably was very well trained. My suspicion was correct! Him and Stevie make quite the pair and have traveled to Pinto World's a few times together. Their session was beautiful, Florida gave us the perfect lighting (at least for the latter half of the session). Though I traveled home in a killer lightning/rain storm, it was definitely worth it to capture these horse and rider photographs. 
Barn: UF Horse Teaching Unit

Matt and Stevie

Meet Natalie and Faith from Gainesville, Florida; it was a pleasure to photograph them! I'm always partial to equine photography and these two are no exception. Natalie regularly shows Faith at Horse Shows in the Park in Ocala, Florida and Newberry, Florida. Natalie has been leasing Faith for several years now and the two have developed a close bond. I actually lesson at the same barn as Natalie, so I've had the opportunity to watch her ride Faith. They really do make a great pair and it's entertaining to watch Faith ride with her tongue flapping in the wind! Our day ended up being pretty eventful, but after a buddy system, treat system, and a few handlers, we managed to create beautiful portraits showcasing their bond.
Barn: Wynfield Farms, Archer, Florida

Natalie and Faith

I have known Amie for several years now. We first met when I went through my barrel racing phase in high school. Amie has become very competitive in the barrel racing world and now travels all over the country chasing cans! Her little black horse, Jet, is quick and Amie is a serious competitor. I love seeing her posts about her times and earnings, it's awesome to see people succeed! This session was cut slightly short by Florida's unpredictable weather, but we managed to get beautiful photos of her well behaved barrel ponies in just 45 minutes! I guess you don't need a lot of time when you're this pretty!
Barn: Private Farm, Jennings, Florida

Amie, Jet, and Romeo

Abbie wanted to include Romeo in her senior portraits, so of course I took advantage of the time spent photographing both of them together! Abbie is stunning and has so much sass, I love it! Romeo was a very good boy, despite his one attempt at escape. That's okay though, we all have to live like the gate was left open, right? Abbie has been semi-collecting minis for quite some time now, so she wanted photos with them too. They were just the cutest, most well behaved minis we could have asked for, although we also let them eat grass, so maybe that had something to do with it!
Barn: Private Farm, Live Oak, Florida

Abbie and Romeo


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